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Breakroom Supplies

Your break room is the hub of your company’s culture. Keep it stocked with the essential items your team needs!

Breakroom Supplies

Executive Refreshments carry an array of items including disposable cups, plastic ware, paper plates and bowls, coffee straws, stirring sticks and more! Don’t waste time shopping with multiple retailers. Executive Refreshments has everything you need for a well-supplied break room!

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Breakroom Supplies
paper products


Dixie Coated Bowl 12oz
Dixie Coated Bowl 20oz
Styrofoam Bowl 12oz


Clear Cup 16 oz
Paper Cups 12oz
Paper Cups(Flavia) 10oz
Perfect Touch 8oz
Perfect Touch 10oz
Perfect Touch 12oz
Perfect Touch 16oz
Styrofoam Cup 8oz
Styrofoam Cups 10oz
Styrofoam Cups 12oz
Styrofoam Cups 16oz
Styrofoam cups 20oz
Translucent Cup 16oz


Clear Cutlery Combo
Dixie Smartstock Forks for Dispenser
Dixie Smartstock Knives for Dispenser
Dixie Smartstock Spoons for Dispenser
Forks Heavy Weight
Knives Heavy Weight
Spoons Heavy Weight
Natur-Ware Spoons Compostable
Natur-Ware Forks Compostable
Natur-Ware Knives Compostable
Individually Wrapped Forks
Individually Wrapped Knives
Individually Wrapped Spoons

Facial Tissue

Boutique Kleenex (cube)
Facial tissue (flat)


Cup Lids for 12 -16 oz Paper Cups
Dome Lids for 10 oz Flavia Cup
Dome Lid for 12oz Foam Cup
Dome Lids for 16oz foam cups
Lift & Lock Lids for 16 oz Styrofoam Cup
Lift & Lock Lids for 12 oz Styrofoam Cup


Beverage Napkins
Lunch Napkins
Napkins for GP Dispenser


Chinet 8 3/4"
Chinet 10"
Dixie Coated Plate 6″
Dixie Coated Plate 8 1/2″
Dixie Coated Plate 10″
Green Label White 9 “ Bulk Plate
Styrofoam Plate 6″
Styrofoam Plate 9″

Stirrers / Straws

Individually wrapped drinking straws
Stir Stick Plastic 5"
Stir Stick Plastic 7″
Wooden Stir Sticks 5"
Wooden Stir Stick 7 1/2″
Individually Wrapped Wooden Stir Sticks 7 1/2"


Pepper Packets
Pepper Shaker
Salt Packets
Salt Shakers
Sleeve for Paper Cups
Zip lock 1 gallon bags
Zip lock 1 quart bags




Dixie Smartstock
Napkin Georgia Pacific
Touchless Enmotion Wall Soap
Touchless Enmotion Wall Sanitizer
Stand Alone Touchless Enmotion Soap
Stand Alone Touchless Enmotion Sanitizer

Breakroom Supplies

Our dedicated and friendly staff at Executive Refreshments will visit your vicinity on regular basis to organize and merchandise your breakroom.